A downloadable game

Hi! Our proffesional studio Me and my friends managed to programm this thing... There are no jumpscares (or are there?), this is just a prototype. It will be a maze game that contains weird and hard to complete tasks. We only managed to do the backend scripts, so there's not much in the game right now. Follow me if you want to see how the game will look in future, because we really have some really good ideas that we already started to build :D

Krystian "VerSus" - Animation/Programming

Mieszko "Mieshki" - Programming

Sylwia "MrsNeko" - Sound

Oskar "Agors" - Models

Use WSAD to move, F to turn on/off flashlight. Left Mouse Click to pick up stuff, and Right Mouse Click to drop thing (like battery or keys), E to use items (like battery).


No Light, No Life - Prototype 19 MB

Install instructions

Download, unpack and play :D

Development log